American rockabilly girl Bernie Dexter is one of the world’s leading pin-up and cheesecake models. The daughter of a burlesque dancer and a trained make-up artist, Bernie has always had a love for vintage fashion and make-up. has caught up with her to chat about her career, her best hair styling tip and where to start your very own pin-up career. How did you get into pin-up modelling?

Bernie Dexter: It’s funny, it was purely by accident. I was doing hair, make up and wardrobe for photographers and they would always ask me to show the models how to
pose, the next thing I know I am sitting for a light test. I actually submitted on of my light test photos in a pin-up contest to win free tickets to Viva Las Vegas.

I didn’t win, I think I was in 5th or 6th place, but modeling offers came flooding in. Companies like, and Space Cowgirls are just to name a few I modelled for. Iwas so worried they would be disappointed when they saw me, but the weren’t. My life has never been the same since!

QoV: What different types of pin-up modelling are  you doing?

Bernie Dexter: I do lingerie, high heels, stockings and corsets and that can tend to be a bit more on the fetish side. But I also model clothing, bathing suits, hats, hair clips and accessories and that’s mostly traditional style.

1QoV: How did you get into vintage?

Bernie Dexter: I have always loved vintage, even when I was too young to realize. My mom would take me to thrift shops and I would always pick out cat eye sunglasses, spring-o-later shoes, hats  and party dresses. Even as a adult I made money while in beauty college selling vintage clothing. I would go to the Goodwill and pick cute things and sell them to the vintage shops on Melrose. Cheeky!

QoV: Do you wear vintage every day?

Bernie Dexter: Yes I do, it fits my body best.  But i also like reproductions and of course my own line of clothing, which I wear  most these days. It’s made to fit the body like vintage clothing.

Read on to find out Bernie’s favourite vintage piece!


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  1. Jenny / Jema Rose

    I admire Bernie SOOO very much, she really inspires me..!
    I love her style, and she is so beautiful!!!


  2. redvelvetpinup

    Bernie’s pictures are always so fun and inspiring! Hard to believe she is about to turn 40!! What re her beauty secrets?!