Exclusive interview with vintage fan LenkaWe love a girl who’s into her Fifties dresses and cites Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz as a style inspiration. QueensOfVintage.com has met up with lovely singer Lenka to chat about her hippie childhood, her eclectic style and love for vintage. Oh and she’s sharing her top secret favourite vintage shop with us!

Lenka grew up on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, with her hippie parents but moved to Sydney aged seven. In Sydney, Lenka went on to become a teen actress who trained with Cate Blanchett,  landing leading roles on stage, television and in indie films. She described herself then as a “punk-ass art school student” and vocalist/keyboardist for acclaimed indie electronic-ambient outfit Decoder Ring.

Now she has flung herself into two new worlds simultaneously: she’s moved to California and become a solo artist. But no matter where she ventures, those early memories follow. Others may struggle to get in touch with their inner child; Lenka never lost hers.

QueensOfVintage: You are clearly a woman of many talents! What inspires you in your acting and music?

Lenka: Emotions and desires, social observations, hopes and wishes. Oh and nature.

QoV: Has your childhood, growing up in Australia with your hippie family, been a great influence on you and your view of life?

Lenka: Yes, I think I have been very affected by my upbringing, as we all have. I’m totally addicted to nature, and also to creativity. I was encouraged by my padxc__nw1965247smallrents to use my imagination and to follow through on any creative desires, so I guess that’s a habitual thing for me now!

QoV: How would you describe your style?

Lenka: I think it’s a  mixture between a fairytale character, a Fifties pin-up and an Eighties vamp. I see myself as a child-woman.

QoV: Do you ever wear vintage?

Lenka: Oh yes! So much! Maybe not makeup, or underwear, but definitely clothes. I love vintage cuts and fabrics. And prices…

QoV: Do you have any tips for where to shop for vintage?

Lenka: My favourite is a place in LA called Shareen’s. It’s like a secret warehouse, no boys allowed, and she has a brilliant collection of dirt-cheap amazing, amazing clothes.

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