British TV presenter Miquita Oliver, host of Channel 4’s weekly ‘T4’ programme, has taken some time out of her hectic schedule to talk to us about her East London loft full of vintage finds and her favourite ever Seventies gilet.

Lena Weber for QoV: You are known for your cool mix-and-match vintage style. Have you always been into vintage fashion?

Miquita Oliver: I grew up in West London just around the corner from Portobello Market. When I was around twelve me and my friends started to get really into vintage, wearing lots of velvet blazers and Seventies Afghan coats. I was obsessed!

QoV: Do you still shop at Portobello?

Miquita Oliver: I pretty much shop for vintage where ever I go. You can find some of the best vintage in little shops all around Britain. In summer ‘T4’, the TV programme I present, goes on a four month tour around the UK, so I get to go to lots of different towns. I always check out the charity shops in each place, Salvation Army usually has the best vintage bargains.


QoV: What do you enjoy about vintage?

Miquita Oliver: I love the hunt! What I really like about vintage in general is taking things out of context and wearing something in a way you wouldn’t expect. Right now I’m really into Seventies hippie style: denim jackets, gypsy dresses.

QoV: What about vintage hair and make-up styles?

Miquita Oliver: I’m more into messy hair and just a bit of blusher to be honest. It’s really important to me to look relaxed on TV.

Read on for Miquita’s top vintage shopping tips!


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