TV chef and bestselling food writer Gizzi Erskine has become one of our favourite vintage-loving women over recent months. With a sense of style as delicious as her recipes, we couldn’t wait to find out how Gizzi pulls off that Audrey Hepburn-edge of vintage glamour in the kitchen. George Walker speaks to Gizzi Erskine about retro dishes, her favourite vintage garments and vintage shopping on eBay.

If you don’t yet know Miss Erskine, you most definitely will soon. Bringing an air of vintage glamour wherever she goes, Gizzi first came to fame on Channel 4’s ‘Cook Yourself Thin’ series and has now set up a regular spot on GMTV, with many more plans for taking her love of food to the masses in the pipeline. But it’s not the food we wanted to talk to Gizzi about – it was her clothes!

Gizzi caught our eye immediately because of her clear love of vintage glamour. With lovely tea dresses, a dainty beehive hair do and sexy polka-dot pencil skirts, this is one woman who really knows how to make the vintage look both chic and a wee bit saucy. We caught up with Gizzi to talk vintage style inspirations, fashion faux-pas and Sixties style.

George Walker of Queens of Vintage: What inspires your fashion sense?

Gizzi Erskine: I have always been into sub cultures, being into metal at 12, punk at 14, psychobilly at 17, then rockabilly at 19. I was hanging out with loads of different sorts of people from Goths and New Romantics to Mods to Suede Heads, so I think a little piece of all of these have been ingrained into me and my style.

QoV: Who are your vintage style icons?

Gizzi Erskine: I love Audrey Hepburn but not necessarily for her style, more her beauty – although I do love how tom-boyish she could be one day and how she could look like a princess the next. I have tits and an arse so I can’t always see her as an icon I can follow, but she definitely influences me somehow. I love Poly Styrene from Xray Specs and Vivienne Westwood, but adore Edie Sedgewick and Sophia Loren too.

QoV: You have a wonderfully vintage-inspired Sixties look- what makes you love vintage and this era in particular?

Gizzi Erskine: I love the fact that it was when women started to get more creative with clothes. The mini skirt was invented and I love getting my legs out so I still get to wear well tailored feminine clothes that feel a little bit slutty!

QoV: What is your favourite item of clothing?

Gizzi Erksine: I have a velvet dress from the Sixties that fits me like a glove, it’s the one I wear on the cover of my book, Gizzi’s Kitchen Magic, and I can swap the lace collar round to make it different every time. I am wearing it in my new show ‘Cook Yourself Thin’ and it looks totally different. I love the Sixties beatnick look, when things were a little bit Goth-y.

Read on to find out Gizzi’s favourite retro dish!

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  1. Catwalk Creative Vintage

    Lovely interview. I’ll keep my eye out for Gizzi. She’s got great style! I recommend taking a look at Etsy for some really great vintage fashion. It’s now THE best place to shop for genuine vintage.