There are not many new bands Queens editor Lena Weber would be gushing about yet Gabby Young & Other Animals is a rare exception. Gabby Young’s twisting path took her from her rural roots in Wiltshire through life’s tribulations at an early age, before combusting in the London music scene to cause one of the biggest reactions seen in years.

Here Gabby taks about her style icons, news on her couture collaboration with art collective Miss Kiki Presents and shares where to best shop for vintage.

Causing a reaction is becoming a habit for Gabby, who stands out with her petite frame, mane of red hair and the vocal ability of a lioness. Although classically trained, her diverse musical tastes include pop, rock, folk, jazz, funk and experimental and that shines through in every song.

Already overcoming thyroid cancer at the tender age of 22, her voice has been described as having a vocal range that would melt marble at a hundred paces. Her commanding stage presence has earned her a fan base that spans a range of musical genres, from folk to antifolk, acoustic trip to jazz.

The last couple of years have seen Gabby appear at major festivals such as Glastonbury, The Secret Garden, Marlborough Jazz Festival, Standon Calling and many more.

Lena Weber for Gabby, you have such a unique style mixing vintage and couture, where does your interest in fashion come from?

Gabby Young: I don’t know really… I have always thought outside the box in all aspects of my life. The music I write is very eclectic and I think my style followed the same suit. I am a devotee of vintage for its history – I love the fact that every item has a story, a past that isn’t just born in a factory shipped to a shop! I feel the same about couture- there is always a tale to tell and it seems more personal. Nothing beats the feeling of a dress that feels like it was made to fit your body, especially if it was actually made for another in the Thirties, Forties and beyond!

 QoV: A lot of contemporary female singers have very unique takes on fashion – do you think this is a reaction to the uniform pop princesses and their soulless highstreet styling?

Gabby Young: I think that music and fashion will always go hand in hand- we are performers and don’t want to sink into the background so how we look is as important as how we sound. It is fascinating that there are so many females getting all dressed up now – I like seeing musicians embrace fashion. I think the ‘pop princesses’ will always be dressed in what their label wants them to be – normally they don’t write there own music or choose their wardrobe – they have to be walking advertisements for high street stores!

Read on to find out Gabby’s favourite vintage shops!

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