untitledWith the release of Tim Burton’s take on the classic novel Alice in Wonderland, we thought we’d take a little trip down memory lane to see who else has taken on Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece, and how the fashion has evolved with each version. Laura Terry reports.

Silent Alice: 1903A few special effects and limited costumes meant that Alice’s wonderland was conveyed through mime in this classic adaptation. Set in the Victorian era, Alice’s wardrobe was a puffy white dress and a hair ribbon, while the Mad Hatter was portrayed as  just a man in a hat.


Only one known copy of this film is said to exist and some parts are now lost, which is a shame because considering its age, it was pretty ahead of its time with the effects used.
Animated Alice: 1951

Perhaps not the most favourable take on Alice, but undoubtedly the best known is Disney’s animated classic. Rumoured to have been one of Walt Disney’s personal favourites, it was panned by critics when it was first released, but has since gone on to become quite popular with each passing generation.

Although not particularly earth shattering with the choice of costumes, Alice’s familiar blue dress, long golden hair, blue eyes and shiny black shoes don’t disappoint in this family series.

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