may-200910The lovely Candice Deville, also known as Super Kawaii Mama, is one of Australia’s most glamorous vintage vixens. Luckily for us she has put together two amazing video tutorials showing us how to achieve her everyday vintage make-up look.

Unleash your inner glamour girl and copy Candice’s vintage look. Don’t forget to have a look at her other tutorials and daily style updates.






Part one:

Part two:

5 Responses

  1. Anna

    Dear Candice,
    what shade of the Laura Mercier mineral foundation do you use? I can only get it by mail order, and I think we’re pretty close to being the same colour!
    Thank you very much,

  2. Lilac

    Interesting… I find mineral makeup is a complete pain – it just gets all over everything — my clothes, the floor, etc. Ugh!

  3. Summer

    I LOVE this woman! I’ve seen her hair tutorials and I love how darling she is! She has the cutest mannerisms and accent! Thank you for the tips! Going to try them now!

  4. Betty

    I’m 16 and i want to achieve this look but I wanted to know:
    What is the most important thing in a vintage make up look?