bathinabodysofineBenefit – Body So Fine

As well as miracle pick-me-ups for tired complexions and eyes, San Francisco based Benefit do a fabulous line in body care – a must for vintage fans. Body So Fine body balm is a lovely gift to give or receive because it comes in a gorgeous pink tin and makes your skin feel like velvet.

It not only moisturises and brightens your skin with a shimmer, it scents it too. Perfect for going out, or just staying in.

helenaHelena Rubinstein – Torrid Tangerine Lipstick

Back in 1908 Helena Rubinstein formed one of the world’s first cosmetic companies, which has continued to go from strength to strength until today. So, it’s only fitting we recommend a lipstick from her collection – a timeless classic if ever there was one.

For a porcelain-skinned Forties post war look, opt for the soft and creamy Wanted Rouge line. We love the Torrid Tangerine shade.




max_factor_mascara_false_lash_effect_skonhetsprodukterMax Factor – False Lash Effect Mascara

Since founded in 1909 by cosmetician artist for the Russian royal ballet, Maximilian Faktorowicz (who knew?), Max Factor makeup has been synonymous with Twenties and Thirties Hollywood.

Now dubbed, ‘the makeup of makeup artists’, and although no longer stocked in the US, classic products are constantly reinvented to keep ahead of the game, including launching the world’s first clear mascara in 1988. We love the new False Lash Effect Mascara, Max Factor’s biggest ever brush. It’s the perfect solution to recreating Sixties eyes to make Twiggy proud.




benetintBenefit – Benetint

Make up artists, celebrities and just about anyone who knows what’s good for them swear by Benefit’s rose-tinted cheek and lip stain, Benetint – and it’s all thanks to an exotic dancer! Legend has it that back in 1977, the dancer was after something to make her nipples erm, pretty and pink.

£ 22.50


coldBoots – Cold Cream

Established in 1849, to not have Boots The Chemist in our lives would be like losing our right arm. Boots’ cold cream dates back to 1890 and is still used today – and not just by our nans. Made from the purest beeswax, olive oil and rose, it provides a layer of protection for the skin that you just don’t get (or pay extortionate amounts for) from today’s skin products.

Perfect in windy, wintery weather and it can double up as an eye make up remover. The perfect vintage bargain.

£ 3.89

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2 Responses

  1. lindsay

    ive always been into 40s and 50s pinups and old hollywood glamour and am always looking for cool vintage inspired beauty products. i have ALOT of these-the benefit bathina, the besame lipstick, cold cream (ponds, not boots), as well as coty airspun powder and some soap and glory and glamourflage items. i feel like rita hayworth when i use them!

  2. lindsay

    awesome list! i have quite a few of the products you mentioned, including the benefit bathina, besame (lipstick, not compact) and the elizabeth arden 8 hr cream with the vintage1950s packaging. i also use cold cream but pond’s brand.