3997706919_c914d0924bIt’s that time of the year again when supermarkets dig out the Christmas gifts at full force before it’s even Halloween, and town centres light up in a festive glow despite it still being autumn. Although I completely hate the fact that Christmas seems to start in October these days, I do think roughly about now is the time to think about your Christmas wish list. With most men – partners, dads, brothers- notoriously bad at getting their presents ready in time, it’s never too early to give them a subtle nudge. Here are five items I think you should add to your list this year.


Filofax gift box

Remember Filofax? Everybody had the famous ring-bound diary in the Eighties until blackberries and the iPhone took over. Old-fashioned as I am, I actually prefer to use a normal diary and what better to get for the new year than a lovely Filofax beauty giftbox.

It not only contains a great diary in either snakeskin, hot pink -very Schiaparelli -or my favourite, a vintage Fifties print, it also comes with a free voucher entitling you to a beauty treatment. And did I mention the diary pen unscrews to be a tiny perfume spray, how very Bond!

Buy here for £40



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