Having been on the hunt for a vintage cabinet to fit into her tiny bathroom for ages, QueensOfVintage.com editor Lena couldn’t resist asking Lauren Cooke for some help.

My challenge this week is quite different to the last, I have moved from sourcing vintage clothes and accessories to vintage furniture – and what a change it has been.

Lena, our lovely editor, has been searching for a small cabinet to go under her sink for quite a while. Now, cabinets are two a penny in most antique fairs or auctions , and the same is true online. However, Lena didn’t just want any old cabinet, this one had to be small enough to fit neatly under the sink in the bathroom, which meant it had to measure very small indeed.

Still, I am not the type of girl to be put off by a challenge. I trawled eBay, etsy and a vast number of vintage stores to find a few gems. They are all pretty different, it’s a case of you say potato, I say potayto with what counts as a cabinet,  but I think I have found an interesting representation of what is on offer.

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2 Responses

  1. Lena

    Ah Lauren you temptress, I adore the dental cabinet. If it just was a little cheaper, sigh.
    Thanks for helping me out!