3446721981_fb44d10eacIf you have ever met Forties pin-up and vintage aficionado Fleur de Guerre, you will know that she never looks anything but stunning with her perfect Forties make-up and hair. Luckily for us Fleur has started to share her amazing knowledge of how to achieve Forties hair by doing regular hair tutorials. Without further ado, here’s how to do screen siren hair using hot sticks.

Here’s Fleur showing us how to get seriously glamorous Forties hair using just a bit of mouse and hot sticks. The easy step-by-step tutorial will have you look like a Forties screen goddess in under 30 minutes.

Don’t forget to head to Fleur’s blog, Diary of a Vintage Girl for regular updates on her vintage antics and amazing style.

9 Responses

  1. Inky

    Fleur is lovely and her tutorial was a cinch to use! I ordered some hotsticks and went right to work and turned out a perfect hairdo! Thank you Fleur for your tutorial 🙂 Keep them coming!!

  2. Georgina

    I’ve recently become really interested in vintage fashion and hair-dos and have scrawlled the internet for tutorials and pictures to get some inspiration on how to do it all. This has been probably the most useful thing I’ve seen, especially as it shows you using long bendy rollers instead of wide round ones, also how to get the glossy, styled, perfect look with the hair products. I’ll definitely invest in some hot bendy rollers (I only have normal right now) and give this a go.

    Thanks ever so much!

  3. Dr Jenna

    omg… more more more more more!!!! I LOVE this!!! Do you have any tricks for us gals with longer hair? Mine reaches mid-back, and is a bear.

  4. Byron

    Am scheduled to do the hair and make-up for a 40’s pin-up girl photoshoot tonight and i need a little info on that look. I enjoyed watching your video! Indeed its a big help for my gig tonight! Thanks Fleur. More power!

  5. dana

    I just love her, and it was exciting to see her speak! Great tutorial, I do hope that she does more!

  6. elinor

    That was fabulous. Thank you Fleur. I’ve a tea dance coming up so hot sticks here I come.