img_3976The Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club runs a monthly Fifties night in London’s East End. Isla Gilmore went along last weekend to find out more, do the Lindy Hop and sip some tea.

danceIt doesn’t happen very often on a Saturday night that I find myself taking Lindy Hop dance lesson. But here I am at Cream Revue, East London’s monthly Fifties  prom held in the  Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club last Saturday.

This loud and eventful evening in the nostalgic and endearingly grotty dancehall attracts a varied crowd, from young hipsters and students to dancers, performers and hen parties.

The dance floor is cluttered with six messy lines of anxious folk waiting for the lesson to begin. They fidget with apprehension and chatter.

The buzz sweeps over the room as slightly complex instructions are given for partner rotating, followed by some demonstrations and, finally, the first steps. The mob stumbles, too many left feet step on toes, everybody is out of time, laughing, apologetic, embarrassed, how terribly English.

It’s not hard to see why it’s so popular. Organised and promoted by a crowd that live and breathe vintage, this event offers Londoners the opportunity to dig out their high-waist spotty skirts, ankle socks, bowling pumps and braces, roll up their jeans and jive to the likes of Ray Charles, The Crystals and Johnny Cash, retro Latin and big band Charleston.

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