PIFsLast week Forties retro lifestyle couple Harry and Edna from ‘Home Front Friends’ were all laid up ill in bed with heavy colds. As they sneezed in their cushions unable to brave the outside world, they thought this was the perfect time to review a new DVD Public Information Films of the British Home Front. Here’s their review.

Public Information Films of the British Home Front is what it says, a series of short films made by the Forties British Government. These films where shown in the cinemas before the main feature and are a true asset for the vintage lifestyler.

I do like these old films. Even if they tell me what scary things are going to happen to me if I ever catch diphtheria. For the vintage buff, they are a spot on research aid.

While you can genrally find plenty of pictures of Betty Gable wearing stunning Hollywood fashions, hardly any exist of fashions for the working lady, yet let’s face it, doing daily chores is far more common than attending retro dances or displaying our prized vintage frocks. This makes these films first rate to help us work out what to wear on a daily basis as they only feature the wartime British public doing everyday tasks.

We are often asked if we wear vintage every day. I won’t lie and say I never wear jogging bottoms, because, quite frankly, we do wear them. There is a reason too, who is going to cut the grass and tend to the garden in a vintage CC41 Women’s Land Army overall? But thanks to this DVD I now know what our vintage forebears wore while scrubbing the loo. 

It really is not the DVD to curl up on the sofa to watch from start to finish unless you really are that bored. But as long as you don’t get diphtheria between now and your next trip to the 21st century high street, do consider making a purchase. It will help the Forties lifestyler in their research. After all, I learnt how to treat our colds.

Public Information Films of the British Home Front  is available from 23 November 2009. Visit Harry and Edna on Home Front Friends .