If you are looking for second-hand or vintage products, then check out Cheepa, a Dutch website offering used products for small prices. The site focuses on environmentally friendly products and supports a variety of charities in the Netherlands. Find out more about them here.

Promotes sustainability
Cheepa is a second-hand shop that promotes sustainability through the sale of used items. The people behind it find it important that products are not discarded but can be reused to make other people happy. This sustainability is also good for the environment.

playmobil-familie-kampeerwagen-3647-camper-11The range
Do you want to order some nice vintage products for your kids and would you like to surprise them with a beautiful gift? Cheepa has lots of products in store like second-hand toys such as Playmobil, top-notch game consoles, vintage kids clothing,  beautiful childrens DVDs, used books and of course prams and children’s bikes. On Cheepa you can find products that are nowhere else. With such a unique assortment, if you’re looking for something special, maybe you’ll find it on the website.

Fundraiser for charity
The entrepreneurs of Cheepa would like to do something for society. Therefore, every year a charity is chosen to support financially. The first non-profit organization supported by Cheepa is KiKa (Children with Cancer). In the Breda region of the Netherlands, a fundraiser for used toys will be held and 50% of all the revenues generated by it will be donated to Kika.

Checking the products thoroughly
For people who have doubts buying vintage and second-hand products, Cheepa guarantees that all products undergo a thorough inspection, so you are sure that you have a complete and fully functional product. The ordering procedure itself is easy and safe: you can pay securely online and your package will be delivered to your home.

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