Are you trying to find the perfect Fifties summer dress but don’t know where to look? Have you bought a  Sixties handbag off eBay and would like to know if it’s the real deal? Or are you wondering how to add some vintage glamour to your home but don’t know where to start? Well, help is at hand: Queens editor and vintage expert Lena Weber is here to help you with your queries.

In a new weekly column Lena will be answering reader enquiries about vintage related topics from shopping tips and how to find the right vintage era for your body shape to how to care for your vintage finds.

“I often get asked for shopping tips, style advice or how to date items, so I thought I’d share my knowledge with the lovely readers”, Lena says, ” I can’t wait to get stuck in and see if I can help out!”

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  1. Colleen Gallagher


    Im having a real hard time looking as vintage as i want where i live because it’s FREEZING!!Any good tips or websites for Vintage outerware or Pin-up style coats that are going to keep me warm and toasty im bustin out the leg warmers for sure but a long wool swing coat would be much better!!

    Sincerly and Freezing,

    Colleen “The Lady Bunny” Gallagher