While the Modern movement was in its heyday defying decorative flourishes and celebrating functionality, one man went against the design tide to look to the past for inspiration and draw it into modernity. Revisiting his Italian heritage and sacking the classical vaults of the Ancient world, Piero Fornasetti would create his enigmatic designs through a skilled use of line and a love of monochrome.

A draughtsman, painter, sculptor, interior decorator, and engraver, who lived most of his life in Milan, Piero Fornasetti began studying in 1930 but was expelled two years later.

This did little to stop Fornasetti from continuing his work as a draughtsman and painter, and he went on to become a respected interior designer during the Forties and Fifties.

With a heavy emphasis on surface decoration, Fornasetti looked to the past for inspiration and excavated classical and Renaissance iconography such as suns, moons, harlequins, hands, beautiful female faces, along with classical architectural features such as columns.

Image from Fornasetti.com

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