With the turn of the century, came a turn in the tide of design. As the 20th century emerged, furniture design no longer simply sought out the ornamental and the retrospective, but strived to innovate and pioneer the present and the future. The modern wave of design brought a surge of new materials and manufacturing methods, often considered shocking to its predecessors. And riding this creative wave were some original designers whose bold innovations made them household names. Ellen Godwin takes a look at some of the movers and shakers of 20th century design.

George Nelson Clocks

George Nelson’s bright, fun clocks typify modern American design from the Forties-Fifties. Most famously, his ‘Ball Clock’ turned a simple timepiece into a statement for functional and innovative design.

His distinctive clocks were allegedly conceived in a late night drinking session with fellow designers, and although he was down on record as having attributed them to someone else; it’s his name which remains synonymous with the iconic, mid-century design.

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