bthbr8wcgkkgrhgoh-ceejllly3ccbki8zoly_12This British Vogue issue from March 1927 features plenty of art deco illustrations from artists such as Pollard and Lambarri. Pop them into a frame and use as decoration – an easy and chic way of adding some deco touches to your home.

With a cover illustrated by Harriet Meserole and features on spring millinery and early Paris openings, this issue of British Vogue is profusely illustrated with artwork from Marty, Pollard, Eric, Mourgue, Lambarri and others. 

Many interesting advertisements including Parker Pens, Rolex, Ovaltine, Bovril, BP, Wright’s Coal Tar soap and various fashion brands.

The 92 pages are in good condition, the only damage is a small piece cut from lower left cover.

It might not look like a bargain with a buy-it-now price of £75, but just imagine how much you’d usually pay for just one original art deco print.

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  1. Fiona

    Hi this is a great idea! I love anything art deco really. Collecting mags and placing the pages into frames. It is not that expensive to do either. I have a number of art deco images that were drawn in the 1920s where i have enlarged them and printed them onto textured canvas. They look amazing and once again it is not really that expensive. Check them out for yourself and see if they will go with the mag images.