New PictureNow I know that most women don’t like to revert back to the stereotype of slaving away in the kitchen, apron on, wooden spoon in hand. But today’s daily eBay items may make you want to. With three gorgeous vintage silk-laced waitress aprons, for a neat £4.99 for all three, you will be sure to get your money’s worth and look like a domestic goddess.

Now you can take the vintage image you pride yourself on to the kitchen too, and with a little imagination you might find yourself dreaming that you are a quintessential Thirties housewife.

The three aprons are from around the Thirties with nice embroidery and stitchwork. There is some age-related wear but the overall condition is good.

Size: max Length 36″

The current bid is at £4.99. To bid for this lot of three aprons click here.

text and eBay selection: Lara Beard