!BVtF+3!!2k~$(KGrHgoOKjcEjlLmYdDjBKT42yLeOw~~_12Today’s Daily eBay is a bundle of beautiful vintage Thirties  dress clips, some rhinestone, some Bakelite, which will add an instant vintage touch to any look.

This bunch of gorgeous Thirties dress clips will give instant glamour to any vintage or vintage-inspired outfit you are wearing.

The first clip is a 3″ long gold-tone metal setting with clear rhinestones and back stones in the shape of a leaf.

Then, there are two matching dress clips, each about 1 3/8″ long  and 1 9/16″ wide.

There’s a beautiful flower pattern Bakelite clip (1 1/2″ carved) and also two matching round clips adorned with beads and inlaid metallic or shell chips, each 1 3/4″ wide.

Best of all, the whole lot is currently priced at $25.

To bid for this lot click here.

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