10653lugdsc09503Today’s Daily eBay is a brilliant vintage suitcase set perfect for your summer holiday and other travels.

The set consists of two suitcases. The bigger case measures roughly 21” wide, 14” tall (plus handle), and 7” thick.  It is a US Trunk Company suitcase and is in great condition, showing the typical signs of age and use.  The interior looks clean with the only part needing repair being the panel attached to the top hinged piece, the lining is separating from here.  Other than that, a light cleaning would suffice to make this case functional again.

The smaller one is a HOMA leather case which measures roughly 16” wide, 7 ½” tall (plus handle), and 9” thick.  Its interior, which is protected by clear plastic, needs restoration, as it is stained and somewhat torn.  It is quite a unique case though and well worth repairing.

There are no keys for the locks, but all clasps work properly.

Current bids are at $7.50 with only a few hours to go.

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