Give your home a real treat, with this is a gorgeous example of Thirties barbola at its finest!

This beautiful mirror has a ribbon effect frame and the usual scattering of barbola flowers along the top. It is finished with a bow in the top centre of the barbola arrangement.

The glass is bevelled and the back has a strong table stand attached.

It measures 23 x 13.5

The seller of this gorgeous mirror says: ‘This has to be one of the most beautiful Barbola mirrors I have seen in a very long time. The colours are still very strong – other mirrors I have sold have tended to have a wishy-washy look to them, but this is very vibrant.’

It has one or two minor chips but generally in excellent condition for its age. It would benefit from some careful cleaning.

With two days left, no bids yet, and at £80 this is one item which is crying out for a good home.

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5 Responses

  1. chrissief

    I’ve been collecting barbola for about 20 years so I have a bit of an idea about it. I think this is a very pretty modern made barbola and not an original (ie not from the 20s/30s/40s)

    • Tara

      The seller insists that it is genuine Thirties. I guess it’s hard to tell without seeing the mirror in person, however i’m sure you’ll agree it’s a beautiful piece.

    • Arlene C.

      I too, have been collecting for over twenty years, and my first impression was much the same. Either a vintage piece with a new paint job or a newer repro.
      Too perfect looking to have any age.

  2. Faye Strumpf

    I’m trying to find out more about Barbola. I’ve ordered a pamphlet by Cecile Francis-Lewis on it. Any other sources that anyone would like to recommend would be appreciated. Thank you, from another Barbola appreciator!

  3. Andee

    where did you find the pamphlet by Cecile Francis-Lewis on barbolas. I am also interested in barbolas. Thank you.