bsv-oowbmkkgrhgoh-d0ejlllt1shbkcuwtb6gq_12Today’s Daily eBay is a pair of Seventies shoes with a certain vintage je neux sais quoi.

These Seventies platform sandals are great for working the gladiator theme that is so on trend these days, whilst still being comfortable.

You get both great looks and practicality, all combined with a wooden sole and heels. The only visible damage (apart from wearing of the leather, which probably makes them less likely to rub)  is wear and tear to the inner sole. The seller reccomends that they need a polish. The shoes are a size 5.
With a bargain price of £4.99 and no bids at last check, these shoes have about a day left. Grab yourself a lovely summer shoe that should last for many seasons to come!

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