!BP1L6W!!Wk~$(KGrHgoH-CUEjlLlvS+VBJ1o0qCZjQ~~_3Today’s Daily eBay item is a lot of three amazing vintage vanity jars, the largest would be used to hold powder, and the other two for creams or trinkets. They likely date to the Fifties and will make a perfect addition to any vintage powder room or boudoir.

The base of each jar is a ribbed press pattern glass, while the lids have a brass lip with a pink decorative paper center of an orchid flower under a clear celluloid covering. One of the smaller containers is missing the celluloid cover and appears a brighter shade because of it. The large powder container’s orchid decoration is white in comparison to the purple ones on the small containers. There are no chips or cracks to the glass bases.

The two smallest ones are 3″ across x 2″ high and the largest one is 41/2″ across and 23/4″ high.

The current bid is at $9.99. To bid for these item click here.