!BS+UPIwB2k~$(KGrHgoH-DwEjlLl)fO9BKGE)TE)-Q~~_1Today’s Daily eBay is a beautiful armchair from the ‘utility era’ 1941-1952 and is clearly marked with the CC41 logo (Civilian Clothing 1941).  It was commissioned by the ‘Board of Trade’ headed by Sir Gordon Russell sometime after 1943. The ‘utility’ furniture scheme offered young families the chance to buy well made English furniture cheaply, helping re-furnish properties damaged during the war.

Furniture bearing the CC41 mark is now quite rare as unfortunately a lot of it was thrown away in the late Fifties when people had money to refurbish their homes. 

This armchair is made of English beech and chestnut wood with a coil sprung base and large wide chestnut arms. It has been fully and professionally restored and upholstered with a contemporary twist using a chunky, heavily textured chenille from the ‘Linwood Fabric Company’ in a bold Pink colour.


Height: 32” (81 cm)

Width: 29” (74 cm)

Depth: 25” (64 cm)

Seat Height: 14” (36 cm)

Seat Width: 22” (56 cm)

Seat Depth: 19” (48 cm)

This item doesn’t come in cheap at £399 but it’s a rare chance to buy a design classic in excellent condition. To buy this item click here.