blondie-back-coverLP’s are not your average source of style inspiration – though many of us happily match our looks to the way a good thundering bass courtesy of Led Zep can make us feel and dress accordingly. But, High Fidelity stylings aside, record covers are rich troves of vintage aesthetics, from the Ronettes to Nico, Blondie to Springfield. Sophie Day has been inspired by looking through some vintage LP covers.

Roxy Music, with their habit of placing sirens wearing a lot of skin and little else on covers, were certainly from the school of ‘sex sells’, and this is probably the real reasoning behind sporting girls in the hottest fashions on sleeves. Stellar music females also happily got in on the act too, nurturing their fan bases’ adoration with attitude soaked garb that kept them both aspirational and indelibly epic – or just inescapable.

Thieving a little of the legendary looks for yourself lends a touch of the rock and roll ’titude, and a possible accompanying pouty-mouthed cool deserving of your very own cover girl moment .


ronettes1With the birth of the swinging sass and quiet sexiness of the late Fifties and early Sixties, girl groups became timeless style icons. Pioneers of the ‘street’ dress – think more Martha and the Vandellas than fierce Eighties conceptions – and the taut pull of a wiggle skirt, vinyl wasn’t the only thing these girls were all over.

Destined to be a fashion favourite, the engineered look owed much to the decadent studio production these girls would usually encounter, but unwittingly created that much loved frisson and coquettish feel. Think kitten kept on a leash.

The Ronettes, with their sweet, pale hued shift dresses in buttermilk and powder blue cotton created an oft copied but rarely bettered look, which makes the knock-out electric blue on the cover of their 1964 promo all the more daring and dashing. Top copy this look ferret your way through Camden Stables’ market stalls in particular for their tight Sixties dresses, and pair with slightly undone ‘I’ve just been bedded’ hair, pale lip and skinny cigarette.

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  1. Some Like it

    Just got my turntable fixed and am having a great time not just listening to my old records…but drooling over the covers. Everything from the 1940s-1980s. Alot of great inspirational outfits on those covers!