Say hello to Vintage Queen no 155, the wonderful Bunny Moreno from New York. We love how she combines her love for vintage with being a full-time mom to her three children.

“My name is Bunny. Okay, it’s really my husband’s nickname for me and it has stuck – I go by the stage name of Bunny Moreno. I am housewife and stay at home mother to three young children. I was born and raised in New York.

I have always gravitated to anything that was old including people. That may sounds weird but I have always adored being around things that have been around longer than I have. It was really being around my grandma so much (she helped raise me along with my father) that led me into a deep love and appreciation for the past. Grandma introduced me to classic film and to thrifting-to things that I love even today.

My world changed dramatically once my grandma sat me down to watch “Gone with the Wind”. My grandma wasn’t one to share too much but when she did my ears always perked up and listened carefully as to not forget. She told me she saw GWTW as a child and remembered the live music played in the theater especially during the intermission. I was literally glued to my chair, I couldn’t move and nor did I want to because I feared I would miss out on something amazing. From then on I knew where my heart lied. It longed to celebrate the past and I wouldn’t know until many years later that one day I would have a blog and become a vintage writer/model. I found my way to celebrate it!

I was also raised very old fashioned, and I mean very. With phrases said to me like, “a lady doesn’t say curse words” or “a lady wears a slip under her dress” etc. Both my parents and my grandma instilled in me an understanding of what it meant to be a lady, how to carry oneself as a lady, and why it is so important. Their voices can still be heard in my head (in a good way). As a child I fought the lady-like rules of our home but as an adult I can now appreciate and value the importance of being an old-fashioned lady. The tricky part of course is how to apply it to modern times, but that’s a whole other story.

My personal vintage style I must confess is still in the process of being defined. I have been immersing myself into the vintage world since June 2011 on an everyday basis. It has progressed from wearing only trousers to now wearing dresses-from the Forties to now incorporating the Fifties and Sixties. I only started wearing dresses out in public because I became so accustomed to hiding my leg braces (I have a disability), but now I fully embrace them as a part of my style.

My figure has also changed since I became a mother and one of the purposes of dressing vintage was to begin to embrace this new body and accept it for what it is rather than hiding it or not feeling good about it. I am now finding that specifically the time frame between the late Forties and the early Sixties seem to best fit my figure. It has been a challenge but so much fun figuring all of this out. I am definitely on my way to having a specifically defined style and keep an eye on my progress!

Since I have small children, I have to decorate my home a certain way (functional) and I prefer to wear my comfortable yoga pants while playing with my children at home. For the time being it is this way, but I have come to point where I am now creating a balance between my love for vintage and my family life. I am taking my children with me to more vintage type outings in which I am dressed the part but yet I still get to do fun things and still be mama to them. I am in the process of repainting and redecorating my home and I am finding small little ways to incorporate vintage into the decor like wall hangings, prints, frames, etc. I am excited to see how my journey into the vintage life will continue to grow and become a part of my everyday life.

Although I mainly love the Forties to the Sixties I am also passionate about the Thirties as well as the Seventies. I cannot help but adore the Seventies although most people do not consider it vintage, I do. I love these eras because of the history, the fashion, and the arts-specifically film and music. I grew up on Sixties and Seventies music as well as Elvis thanks to my parents. I’m happy they exposed me to the music of their time because I feel that both cinema/music reflect the decades that they were born in and one can learn a great deal about how people lived, thought, and reacted to things that happened ie WWII, Segregation, Vietnam War, etc.

This may sound shocking, but I have yet to find a place to do vintage shopping in New York. I must have checked out over a dozen thrift stores and flea markets but alas nothing that I am able to find what I need for my growing wardrobe. I do most of my shopping via Etsy and eBay. So far I have found some great pieces. Searching for vintage is half the fun, right?

My all time favorite vintage find as to be a recent brooch purchased via an eBay seller. The seller sold it to me for $25 including shipping while on another site the exact same brooch was being sold for $155! I could not believe my eyes that I scored such a piece! It is a Forties WWII brooch that dangles and has the letters “U.S.A” with faux diamonds in the letters. It is also celluloid and just to die for. I have a growing collection of WWII era brooches and that piece is by far my best find!”





images: blue dress: ReverieRevel, green dress: Christina Marotto Photography,red dress & yellow top: Monica Moore Photography


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  1. Jessica Cangiano

    I’m so, so thrilled that QoV shone the spotlight on Bunny. She’s such an inspiring, wonderful, multi-dimensional, stylish vintage lady.

    ? Jessica

  2. Bella Q

    Gorgeous! I love her name, but even more this is real style! Vintage without being overly precious. What a lovely woman. I need to check out her blog stat. Great feature.

  3. Bunny Moreno

    Oh thank yous o much Cherry and Jessica!!!! This is such an honor and I am so happy to be a part of such an outstanding group of ladies (and gents). xox

  4. Sean MacKenzie

    Wow, this is such an awesome interview with the lovely Bunny!! She’s a sweetheart to her very core and deserves every bit of this honor!

    The Fictionista

  5. Alexa

    What a great interview of a sweet and talented vintage blogger! Thanks for featuring Bunny!

  6. A-belle

    I’m from NYC too, and appreciate all your inspirations. As far as shops, have you checked out The Family Jewels on 23rd Street, between 6th and 7th? They’re a little pricier, but all of their pieces are great quality vintage, and unique! It’s a block away from Reminiscence which sometimes has cute things, too, if you haven’t been there.

  7. Delicia

    What a nice interview! Bunny definitely has one fantastic sense of style.

  8. Paul Hayward

    Hey Bunny! Nice to see you again. Greetings from Spain!

  9. Tupney

    Oh I love Bunny! Such an inspiring lady, and the author of one of my favourite blogs- go check it out if you haven’t already!