new-pictureThis is your chance to win cinema tickets to watch Godard’s cinematic masterpiece Pierrot le fou, opening UK wide on 22 May, courtesy of the BFI.

Godard’s exuberant, infinitely playful film Pierrot le fou was a spectacular farewell to the style of the New Wave. It tells the story of Ferdinand (Jean-Paul Belmondo), a young Parisian who leaves his wife and child for beautiful babysitter Marianne (Ann Karina), an old flame. The two hit the road in a series of stolen cars, heading south in flight from bourgeois existence and in search of a romantic utopia.

Filmed in beautiful primary colours, Godard’s masterpiece is still one of the most energising, exhilarating experiences the cinema has to offer.

Pierrot le fou will mark the end of a two-month French New Wave season at BFI Southbank and will open in cinemas nationwide on 22 May. For info on the season, other venues and to watch the trailer, click here.


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