We love to swoon over the beautiful pictures of the silver screens stars of past eras and gasp at their perfectly coiffed hair and immaculate make-up. It’s all too easy to forget that, like today’s celebrities, they don’t represent a realistic image of the fashion or beauty of their times. That’s why QueensOfVintage.com has compiled a photo gallery of vintage pictures all depicting normal women. Let the common people of the Thirties, Forties and Fifties, the housewives, secretaries and teachers of the past, be our real style inspiration.


8 Responses

  1. Tara

    Gorgeous pictures! Can someone invent a time machine please!?

  2. hannah asprey

    Wonderful! Somebody started a thread like this on thefedoralounge too and it’s both fascinating and reassuring to see the lack of perfection and yet still such incredible style and dash.

  3. Sarah

    What a great approach ! You are so right, we need both kinds of inspiration, the real life and the iconic.

    These ladies are indeed charming, inspiring and much closer to us. I especially love the style sported by the page 4 lady, such cuteness !

  4. Jessica

    Excellent topic! I thoroughly agree, as vintage lovers/wearers it’s a great idea to support (and follow) the looks that the overwhelming bulk of the population used to wear.

    What a charming and fascinating array of photos you gathered up; number 11 is definitely my favourite. From the tilt of her sweet little hat to the length of her skirt, it’s pure vintage elegance.

  5. Tonia

    Is it that the clothes are unspeakably elegant, or is it the posture of all the wearers? I’ve never seen so many very straight backs!

  6. Karen

    Probably straight backs and great clothes….the perfect combo. I remember when I was growing up, my mom would make us stand with back against the wall, heels about an inch away from the baseboard and then try to slide a hand between the small of our back and the wall. If she couldn’t, we were standing straight with good posture. Wow! I hadn’t thought of that in a long time! I still correct myself and sit up straight when at the computer.

  7. kSto

    Part of the secret is that the clothes were so much better made than they are now. Getting new clothes was a special occasion that happened maybe once a year, even in good times. Sometimes the clothes were homemade–my great grandmother was a professional seamstress who sewed her daughters’ clothes as well. I have many pictures of my grandma and great aunts in what were essentially “tailor-mades.” Those dresses fit impeccably.