I’m really looking forward to the UK release of new French film Yves Saint Laurent, which follows the designers early career, focusing on the Sixties.

Picture the scene: It is Paris, 1957. 21 year-old Yves is catapulted to international stardom as the successor to Christian Dior who has recently died.  At his first catwalk show he meets Pierre Bergé, who will become his lover and business partner, and begins a relationship that will change his life forever.

Just a few years later however he’s subjected to the public humiliation of being fired.  Refusing to succumb to his critics and self-doubt, he creates the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house and presents the first-ever ‘ready to wear’ collection, shocking the world of couture.

Best of all, the film features original clothes from the Yves Saint Laurent haute couture collection archive, hello there Mondrian dress!

In UK cinemas in March 2014.

2 Responses

  1. Magdalena

    Thanks Lena. I had no idea this was even out. I couldn’t find any news when it will be released in the US. The Weinstein Company bought the rights last year so I can’t wait to hear news when it will grace the screens of NY.

    • Lena

      I couldn’t find a US release date, sorry, hopefully it will be showing stateside soon!