has met up with award-winning costume designer Catherine Leterrier, the woman behind Audrey Tautou’s fabulous costumes in Coco Before Chanel, to chat about what it was like to get access to the Chanel archives and dressing Audrey. What was the process behind designing the costumes for Coco Before Chanel?

Catherine Leterrier:I started off by researching fabrics and designs, what sort of die would have been used back then and what kind of prints to use. In the end, there were about thirty, forty people working on the costumes, we really made everything from scratch.

We had a huge amount of costumes to make, Audrey’s Chanel inspired ones, but also the Belle Epoque outfits for the rest of the cast.

QoV: Where did you source your materials and did you use any vintage?

Catherine Leterrier: I incorporated as much vintage as I could find, from fabrics to embroidery, but it was very difficult to get hold of original pieces. One of the most amazing accessories we used was a vintage necklace which used to belong to Chanel herself.


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