chocks2Pin-up queen Fleur de Guerre and vintage gal Emerald Fontaine are at it again with their latest thrilling instalment in The Fox Presents series. This Saturday, 28 November, they want to lift your spirits from the winter blues with a tropical getaway right in the middle of London.

Chocks Hawaii is a Forties/Fifties tiki party, and the Fox will be transformed into a tropical beach this time, with swaying palms, sand and fruity cocktails! The Sax Pastilles, their fabulous house band, will be returning to regale the crowd with Twenties Jazz, Forties Swing and Fifties rock’n’roll, and there will be some beautiful burlesque girls in the shapes of VJ Spankie, Elle Amour and Lil’ Miss Chievous to entertain you.

The dress code includes anything from hula girls and Hawaiian shirts, to WWII (Allied please!) sailors or airmen but anything stylish and vintage will do nicely.

Tickets cost only £10. Buy yours now from