ST3315-1Renee Zellweger may have bagged the lead role in the all-singing, all dancing spectacular that is Chicago, but the true fashion star of the movie is undoubtedly Catherine Zeta Jones. Playing the murderous Velma Kelly, Catherine truly dazzled us in the 2002 movie that won numerous awards, including a Best Supporting Oscar for the Welsh beauty. Laura Terry has this story.

Sporting a razor sharp black flapper bob and enough tassels and frills to start her own knicker shop, CZJ smouldered her way through ‘All That Jazz’ and stood determined and proud as the police closed in to arrest her for murder. Although that was nothing to the ensemble piece that left us totally speechless as she and her fellow inmates confessed their sins, while indulging in some side splits and acrobatics in the chilling ‘He Had it Coming’.

Right from the beginning it was clear why they cast the former Darling Buds of May starlet, as she oozed sophistication and class, rocking gorgeous silk camisoles, fur stoles and sexy stockings in every scene she was in. While Renee got some gorgeous vintage sequinned numbers to wear, no-one quite pulled off the Twenties jazz singer look quite like Catherine. Celebrating her curves in stunning corsets and fishnets, there was no doubt who looked sexier on stage.

Although we’ll admit to liking Roxie’s Southern Belle look, it’s Velma’s dark eyes and red lips that really won us over as she epitomised the glamour of old world Chicago. We adored her jailbird look too, rocking a grey turban, dowdy grey prison shirt and cute dolly heels; she was certainly the most glamorous inmate, trading favours with the Matron (a stunning Queen Latifa) to make sure her name stayed in the papers.

Despite Roxie managing to steal most of Velma’s limelight, the moment the pair team up at the end is a great movie fashion moment. Both sporting matching white fur coats and sparkly silver flapper dresses, the dancing duo manage to wow the audience with fake guns and a flickering of false eyelashes. As Richard Gere so eloquently put it- ‘Now that’s Chicago’.

Julia_Faye_The_Blue_Book_of_the_ScreenDid you know fact: Chicago was first brought to the screen in 1927  as a comedy-drama silent film produced by Cecil B. DeMille and directed by Frank Urson. Phyllis Haver starred as Roxie Hart and Julia Faye (pictured) as Velma Kelly