Buying vintage clothes for adults is fairly easy with a plethora of online shops catering to different sizes and decades. But vintage kids clothes? Not so easy! Here are some online shops that should make shopping for little vintage lovers a breeze.

Lori and the Caravan 
Specialising in boys and girls clothes from the Twenties to the Seventies, UK-based Lori and the Caravan stock amazing Sixties mod dresses and the cutest little playsuits. Prices are great too, with most items between £12 and £20.
Ages: from newborn up to toddler

Candy Says
This UK-based vintage shop has a great collection of mint condition, unworn baby and children’s clothes. If red mod capes, Seventies shirts and Fifties fair isle tank tops and other items from the Fifties to the Eighties are your little one’s thing, this is the shop for you.
Ages: from newborn to 8 years

Old favourite Etsy also has a popular kids section where you can find anything from delicate Victorian christening gowns to Eighties neon T-shirts. And don’t forget to check out the vintage toy section!
Ages: from newborn to 13 years

Belle Heir 
If money is  not an issue, you’ll love the carefully chosen pre-Fifties items you can buy in this US-based shop. Their selection of fine linen and  delicate wool is especially impressive.
Ages: newborn to 5 years

The Apple Bopper
This UK-based shop specialises in hand-sourced boys and girls clothes from the Fifties to the Eighties. Little mod dresses, crochet romper suits and Seventies dungarees are hard to resist.
Ages: newborn to 8 years old

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  1. celine

    Hi! and if I can ad something (it’s advertising for myself, but if I do not, who will!), I sew vintage style clothes for kids from newborn to 10 years…..

  2. Owen Emmanuelle

    Hi there !
    I advertise for myself as an alternate stocked shop with a selective choice of vintage kids clothing from France, new old stocks, from 1950’s to 1970’s …
    Please stop by and enjoy !!!!

  3. Luke Bigsby

    Buying vintage kids clothes online is a great idea to get best deals and discounts on it. There are plenty of options when buying vintage kids clothes online. Only you need to buy from reliable online clothing store.

  4. Dawn

    Thank you for giving us a mention in your article! We’ve been selling online since 2003 and find our childrenswear selection is becoming increasingly popular – there are a lot of cool kids out there!
    Dawn, Candy Says x

  5. Leah Durant

    Hi Queens of Vintage,
    I have been inspired by your website for a while now and I have recently set up an online Children’s Handpicked Vintage store selling Vintage children’s clothes, Retro toys, Books, Vintage Games and more.
    It would be great if you could take a look at my website
    I’d love it if you could possibly feature me on Queens of Vintage
    Look forward to hearing back from you
    Kind Regards

    Leah x