Buddy Holly fans of the world have united today to celebrate the life and works of the man who pioneered rock ‘n’ roll music. Fifty years since his death, Buddy Holly remains an international treasure and one of music’s most-adored icons.

Believe it or not, Buddy Holly was only 22 when he died in 1959, and had been famous for little more than 18 months! And despite having a number 1. hit with the phenomenal ‘Peggy Sue’, following his death, sales of his music soared and have continued to do so. In fact, so prolific was his recording that Coral Records were able to release albums and singles for 10 years after his death – although some of the home recordings had shaky technical quality.

His unique vocal style, complimented by genius lead and rhythm guitar talents, combined to create the perfect fusion of pioneering rock ‘n’ roll, the likes of which had never before been heard in the music halls and concert theatres of America. So revolutionary in style, his music unified white and black Americans and brought fans together with his electrifying sound.

All this, AND his impeccable dress sense and eye-wear, cemented Buddy’s place in the music hall of fame, and our hearts.

Having just performed The Surf Ballroom as part of their Winter Dance Party, Buddy Holly and fellow musicians ‘The Big Bopper’ Richardson and Ritchie Valens chartered a four-seater plane to take them to North Dakota. Within minutes of take-off the plane had crashed into a cornfield.

Today, many music legends cite Buddy Holly as a huge influence, with Bruce Springsteen admitting: “I play Buddy Holly every night before going onstage. It keeps me honest.”

And good, honest music it certainly is, which is why Buddy Holly LPs never stray too far from my record player, and why 50 years on, he’s even more vibrant and popular than ever.

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