tlqueensofvintageThey are London’s hottest retro act: The Tenor Ladies are on a mission to bring back the era of big band sounds to a society starved of glitter, glitz and grit. has caught up with the two Tenor Ladies, Scottee and Sami Knight, to find out more about their live act and love for all things vintage. Tell us a little about yourselves: who are you and what do you do?

The Tenor Ladies: We are of course, the Tenor Ladies! We are big girly boys who are bored of lesbians singing about tree’s and breast enlargements. We use our big appearances to entertain and gain attention. We use live musicians and our aim is to bring the era of big band, numbers and standards back to the forefront of popular culture. Yes, we are a little bit old fashioned.

QoV: What does a typical show of yours look like?

The Tenor Ladies: Big. Big hair, big costumes, big voices and big crowds.

QoV: Who has been the biggest influence on your performance?

The Tenor Ladies: Barbara Streisand.

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