TobewornagainsmallThe Brighton vintage scene has been positively a-flutter of late, with new shops and old favourites stepping up to supply even more choice to the town’s ever-demanding population of vintage aficionados. Clare Carney has a guide to the best vintage shops in town.

Brighton has long been known for its individual style and the sheer amount of beautiful boutiques on offer is a real testament to this. With so many shops to rummage through you could easily find yourself lost in the notorious labyrinth of lanes Brighton has to offer. So to help you find your way, here are just a few of my favourites from the fashionable North Laine area.

With three shops spread across the North Laine area, To Be Worn Againhas to be your first stop for all things antiquated. To Be Worn Again mostly stock Sixties, Seventies and Eighties gear so there is plenty of denim, leather and printed tees and jumpers to take your fancy. The Sydney Street shop has a mish-mash of everything from clothes, shoes, scarves and bags to guitars so you’re bound to find something to suit.

However if it’s shoes you’re after, the Kensington Gardens’ branch is where it’s at, with pretty much a whole floor devoted to footwear. The warehouse on Providence Place is no longer open on Sundays but it’s certainly worth a rummage.
Kensington Gardens, BN1 4AL | Sydney Street, BN1 4EN | 51 Providence Place, BN1 4GE

Much like To Be Worn Again, Dirty Harry’son Sydney Street, is the affordable way to go vintage. Best known for its rails of bargainous shirts: from the Hawaiian to the lumber-jack. Dirty Harry’s is packed full of Seventies, Eighties and recent second hand wares across three floors.

The lower two floors are devoted to menswear and alongside the vast selection of second hand stuff there is also a select range of vintage-inspired designs.

 Upstairs you’ll find the women’s section along with a very helpful shop assistant who will carry out free alterations on any baggy dresses that take your fancy. These are usually ready on the day as long as the poor girl isn’t swamped with demands.
6 Sydney Street, BN1 4EN


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7 Responses

  1. Michelle

    A great selection of Brighton’s best vintage shops – I live down here, and absolutely love my weekly trawl through the various shops starting off at to be worn again and heading back into the centre of Brighton.

    Also worth a look is snoopers’ paradise, as well as a little shop across the street from it, which has lots of old telephones, etc in the window and doesn’t look like much from the outside (both in Kensington Gardens).

    There’s also starfish on Gardner Street, where I found an incredible 1950s dress, which is my pride and joy. Opposite is Jump the Gun, which does mods clothes, not vintage, but original cut suits, etc.

    I’ve also just found pixxi, which is in Hove (Brunswick Square), although I haven’t yet visited it as it’s by appointment only… just found their website and looks full of fabulous things!

    If you’re looking for beautiful accessories, there’s also Penelope’s Portmanteau on Ship Street, where I found the perfect bag for my wedding day…

    We’re also lucky to have frockmevintage 3 times a year, which adds to an already fabulous selection…

    I wouldn’t live anywhere else!

  2. Rose Joyce

    I just love Brighton for all the quirky shops – and quite a lot of lovely vintage things too.
    I did all my Christmas shopping in the North Laines and tried to buy vintage where I could because they made things to last back in the old days.

    I have found some great little shops on my Saturday shopping trips, there is a wonderful little shop in Kemp Town (can’t remember the name of it) but it looks like your granny’s bedroom during a sort out with piles of vintage clothes and accessories everywhere. I got a lovely velvet coat there for under £30.

    I also found an amazing shop in Ship Street called Penelope’s Portmanteau where they sell fabulous vintage handbags and jewellery. They have hundreds of different bags in all manner of styles including carpet bags and crocodile. I bought a beautiful Mappin and webb Lizard bag there and it came in it’s original box just like it was never used. The jewellery is glittery and gorgeous and the prices are very reasonable, I bought several presents for under £5 each which I thought was really good value.

    Yes, Brighton is a fab place to live…

  3. Clare Carney

    Completely agree with your suggestion Rose and Michelle, there is just so much vintage wonderment in Brighton it’s hard to get ’em all down on paper!

    Another one I missed which i’m loving at the moment is TRaid Remade on Duke Street. Wonderful mix of vintage and completely original re-fashioned vintage pieces! And they’re ethical too. Recycling clothes is definitely the way to go but they even pool their profits into both local and overseas projects. Gives you a warm feeling inside doesn’t it!

    I’m hardly ever in Kemp Town or Hove so will have to check out pixxi and that mysterious shop that looks like your granny’s bedroom too!

    Clare | @ClareCarney

  4. Mari

    Brighton is indeed really flourishing in the vintage scene! i spend any second or day i can trawling through the flea markets (snoppers,Kemp town flea market & The north laines Flea market)
    The North laines flea Market being my fave, The men in there are so lovely and friendly and there is the most fantastic Vintage section ran by the lovliest of ladies.
    I know exactly where Rose means by the Old lady shop, it is just next to the kemp town flea market and i bought a fantastic minx coat there for £50!!! so really really great prices! And i have to agree with rose And Penelopes Portmanteau, Enid collins in brighton, That is all i need to know and im a fan! But also just really fantastic Items and prices! such a wide variety of bags in such good condition. And Many many other items for any occasion, i know where im going to go for my summer bag!
    I am very intrigued about this pixxie shop? i will be hunting this one down for sure!
    And also Brighton sunday market is always always always a must!

  5. Lilly Lewis

    The vintage scene in Brighton is fabulous! i love mooching through the many vintage shops throughout the North Laines and Kemptown gathering inspiration for my designs! 🙂

  6. Angie

    I just wanted to relate my terrible experience at Hope and Herlequin. The manager is incredibly rude and not only shouted at me when i had a query but also tried to walk away, refusing to hear out my concerns. I have never experienced customer service so shocking. The staff seemed to be at cross purposes, each saying different things to me, creating an incredibly unprofessional and unpleasant atmosphere. One final point – some of the items that i have bought from Hope and Harelquin have proved to be badly made and not at all worth what they sell them for.
    I would strongly recommend that people avoid this shop and head to some of the friendlier and more honestly priced vintage stores in Brighton.

  7. Susan

    Hi Lena , I had a ‘Nearly New Shop’. a few years back … and kept an eclectic collection (a packed railfull) of Good labels ..Woman Wear, some real furs too
    I’ve decided I have to let go ! finally, Finally !! But Where & How please ? would you suggest I approach the Vintage ‘Market’ in B&H … or online sites ?? Your help would be most appreciated …. Thanks