If you’re into vintage clothing, chances are that your home will also be a reflection of your interest in past designs. New book Your Inspection Welcome – Modern Vintage Interiors (Jo-ann Fortune & Mat Keller, 28.95 Blurb) now offers a personal and fascinating snoop around the homes of ten vintage lovers.  Lena Weber reviews.

I don’t know about you, but I love looking round people’s houses, especially if – like me – they have an interest in vintage. It’s by snooping around friends places that I’ve come across designers I hadn’t known before or was inspired to try out their deco ideas in my own home.

Needless to say then that I really enjoyed reading Your Inspection Welcome – Modern Vintage Interiors. Brighton based writer and photographer duo Jo-ann Fortune & Mat Keller have documented the home of ten different vintage-lovers whose styles range from Victoriana to Mid-Century Modern, from Art deco to Sixties kitsch.

Each home is introduced by a mini profile of the home-owner(s) who then talk you through their style and highlight their favourite items and often fascinating collections. From a home full of Snoopy memorabilia to an elegant Victorian terrace, each home has its own unique charm and quirky designs, all of which are fascinating to discover. More than that, it had me bid for Acapulco Villeroy & Boch china on eBay within minutes of spotting it in one of the featured homes.

At nearly £30 this book isn’t cheap but with its fab photographs and interesting background info, it surpasses many similar home style books and serves as far more than just a coffee table book.