With the Royal Jubilee happening this summer, there will be plenty of tea parties and traditional British home-made afternoon tea treats. New book Vintage Teatime, put together by the Women’s Institute, offers classic recipes and baking inspiration for such occasions and everyday indulgences.

The WI, which was founded in 1915 to encourage countrywomen to get involved in growing and preserving food to help to increase the food supply, has – unsurprisingly – collected an excellent archive of recipes from across Britain. Vintage Teatime (Jessica Simmons, Simon & Schuster Ltd, £7.59 on Amazon) is a great collection of these tried-and-tested recipes and focuses both on nostalgic and near-forgotten gems as well as regional specialities such as Yorkshire Curd Tart or Guernsey Gache.

It’s a joy to see recipes that go back to rationing during the Second World War or which have been taken straight out of a Sixties membership brochure. The book covers savoury and sweet baked goods from breads to scons, buns and cakes and features fabulous classics like Lemon Drizzle Cake as well as lesser known treats like  Maids of Honour.

All receipes are easy to follow and are rarely too complicated even more baking newbies. The book is full of well-styled, vintage-inspired photographs that’ll make your mouth water and thankfully avoid the usual polka-dot and cupcake vintage cliches.

At less than £8, Vintage Teatime is a fab collection for both seasoned bakers and novices.

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