If you have a sweet tooth and like your treats to be retro – think fruit jellies, nougat or love hearts, toffee bonbons, liquorice, gumdrops, marshmallows or sherbet dips  – then The Vintage Sweets Book (Angel Adoree, Mitchell Beazley, now on Amazon for £7.91) is a must read!

Like all of Angels’ books, her latest offering is packed full of easy to follow recipes and beautiful illustrations and images. This time the focus is solely on sweets and nostalgic treats, the like of which you might have loved as a child.  You’ll learn to make love hearts for your sweetheart, Parma Violets for your gran, Fruit Jellies for your friends, Sugared Mice for the kids, Jazzies for a party and a couple of naughty, sweetie-inspired cocktails for yourself.

To add a novel twist to your party there are inspired cocktails to go with sweets so the grown-ups can enjoy an extra treat once the kids are in bed. Sample amongst others the delights of a rose lollipop Cocktail, gin Fizz, rocktail, Parma Violet Cocktail, Sarsaparilla Cocktail or a Cough Candy Toddy!

Even if you are a complete novice to tempering sugar, you’ll find Angel’s instructions clear enough to give things a go. I have never gone near a sugar thermometer before and managed to produce a very decent nougat on my first attempt.

A great read which will make you reminisce the sweets you sneakily bought on your way home from school for a few pennies.


Vintage Patisserie Sweets Book


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