If you enjoy baking and discovering recipes from the past few decades, you will love Vintage Cakes (by Julie Richardson, Ten Speed Press, pre-order now for £17.10 on Amazon).

Professional baker and author Julie Richardson spent weeks and months re-baking (sometimes up to six cakes in one day!) vintage recipes, tinkering and updating the ingredients to revive her finds from a time when a cupcake was indeed literally a cake from a cup, and peanuts were called ‘goobers’.

There has been a huge range of vintage baking books in recent months, many of which are uninspiring and full of bog standard cupcakes and Victoria Sponges. It’s all the more refreshing then, to read through Vintage Cakes, which brings back to life forgotten delicacies such as a Texas Sheet Cake, a boozy bundt cake with brandy butter glaze and an Ozark Pudding Cake as once made by Harry Truman’s wife for guests of the White House.

Richardson’s book is packed full of lovely pictures and her tips and techniques are a great read for any baker. As an American she has based her recipes on cup measurements, which makes it extra easy to follow her recipes.

Unlike most other vintage baking books Vintage Cakes is a rare gem stuffed full of unusual cakes, a wonderful way of discovering lost American recipes and classic bakes, truly new to a non-American palate.