Inspiring and informative, Style Your Modern Vintage Home (Kate BeavisDavid and Charles currently  £12.58) combines styling tips, practical restoration info and beautifully photographed real-life vintage homes.

Each chapter covers a decade from the Twenties to the late Eighties, including an overview of political, cultural and economic events and their impact on home styles.  For every decade there are suggestions for various rooms from the living room, bedroom, kitchen, to the study, hall and even the garden, suggesting must-have items and key manufacturers – I ended up reading while searching for suggested brands on Etsy at the same time!

Particularly useful are restoration tips – how to remove rust from enamel tins, or how to remove stubborn burn marks from pots – which will enable you to bring back to life less-than-perfect vintage treasures.

By far the best aspect of the book however are the real-life vintage homes that are featured throughout. I particularly loved that examples of rented homes were also included – not everyone can afford to buy, so seeing how others have transform their rented places into fully fledged vintage dens was very inspirational for a fellow renter like me.

The book concludes with supplier and shopping suggestions for both the US and the UK, again a useful tool if you’re not sure where to start looking.

Style Your Modern Vintage Home is a great read and will be especially useful if you’re just starting out with adding vintage to your home. The real-life vintage homes really make this a must read for anyone though, who doesn’t like to have a snoop round other people’s homes, especially when they are this amazing?