Need help planning a vintage-inspired party or are you looking to add some retro style to a big event? Then new book Style Me Vintage Tea Parties (Betty Blythe, Pavilion, now on Amazon from £6.99) might come in handy!

The fourth book in the Style Me Vintage series, which has so far featured fashion, make-up and hair, Tea Parties offers plenty of practical advice on how to throw a vintage party. The book not only gives useful hints and tips on how to plan a larger event but also suggests some interesting themes from a Victorian Afternoon Tea to a Fifties Street Party. Each theme comes with lovingly researched ideas for decoration as well as a few recipes for food and cocktails.

While some of the suggestions (“hire an Edwardian house for an Edwardian Breakfast”) seem fairly impractical and over the top for a simple party, if you’re planning a larger event such as a wedding or special birthday, you will find plenty of inspiration and very useful tips such as how to write the perfect invitations or how to choose the right venue.

Sadly, the dressing up sections for the party themes are disappointingly fancy dress rather than vintage –  your host might be quite offended if you’d turn up to their Twenties night  in a joke shop costume as suggested.

Also, lovers of post-Fifties vintage decades will be disappointed that this book has nothing to offer when it comes to the Sixties or Seventies themes, a surprising oversight as the other books in the series all included later decades up to the Eighties!






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