I really enjoyed reading Lauren Rennells’ first book on vintage hairstyling, which I still rate as one of the best step-by-step guides for re-creating vintage hair. I’m all the more excited she has also published a book on vintage make-up styles: Retro Makeup.

The book is packed with easy to re-create make-up styles from the Twenties to the Sixties. Each decade features several looks and in-depth details on favoured styles and techniques. I loved that the author has included original make-up tips from each era and each chapter includes fascinating details on the development of make-up and the history of famous brands and products as well as lesser known make-up fads  Рwho knew Twenties girls would pull down their stockings and paint their knees with stars or other symbols that would flash up when dancing Charleston!

I also loved that the book includes many looks for dark or Asian skin tones and specifically outlines how to adapt looks to your own skin colouring or eye colour. As with her book on hair styles, Lauren has also included a guide on modern make-up utensils and details many useful techniques such as how to correctly pluck your eye brows – something I have never managed to master!

The highlight for me includes a very detailed chapter on how to get the perfect eye flick using different techniques and products. Having read dozens of articles on this, this is hands down the best guide I’ve ever come across. The detailed Sixties eye make-up chapter is another favourite of mine and has given me plenty of ideas to try out.

My verdict: a brilliant, well researched and beautifully illustrated book jam-packed with vintage styles that are easy to re-create with modern utensils using basic make-up products most of us will already have. The historical facts make this a pleasure to read even if you don’t intend to try out the styles. A must for anyone interested in vintage or the history of make-up.

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  1. Helga

    O,I really like the idea of this book! Migth have to sniff that one out!