Much like the first book in the series, which focuses on the Twenties, Fashion Sourcebook – 1930s (Edited by Charlotte Fiell & Emmanuelle Dirix, Goodman Fiell, currently £19.46 on Amazon) is a wonderfully edited, comprehensive guide to Thirties fashion and style.

The book documents the season-by-season fashions of the Thirties with an impressive selection of over 600 original photographs, sketches and prints, which document the ever changing styles of this remarkable decade framed by the Wall Street Crash and the outbreak of World War II.

The editors have once again outdone themselves in finding fashion illustrations, pictures and adverts to document day wear, evening wear, accessories such as bags and hats and even details such as children’s clothing and bridal gowns.

Starting off with an introductory essay, the book first assesses the major themes within fashion during this period and discusses the influence of its most notable designers. The chapter on fashion in Nazi Germany is particularly fascinating as is the insight into Hollywood’s influence.

Whether you are a Thirties connoisseur, a vintage newbie or just generally interested in fashion history, this book – part sourcebook, part inspirational bible – should be a must read.