Fashion Sourcebook – 1920s (Fiell Publishing Limited, Charlotte Fiell and Emanuelle Dirix, £19.46 on Amazon right now) is the first book in a new series documenting the fashion styles of the 20th Century.

With over 600 original fashion illustrations, fashion adverts and photographs from the Twenties, this book is a wonderfully rich and detailed insight into the fashion styles and looks of the era. Covering everything from daywear, eveningwear, outerwear to sleepwear and accessories, Fashion Sourcebook is a truly fascinating and comprehensive insight into both fashion design and everyday clothing during the decade.

The book also contains a short introduction to fashion in the Twenties, which gives a great overview of the most important designers of the time and dispels many cliches about flapper looks.

 Fashion Sourcebook – 1920s is a brilliantly inspiring resource for anyone interested in fashion history or keen on re-creating the looks of the time. Once the series has been completed – the 1930s guide has just been published – it will undoubtedly be the go-to reference source for vintage lovers.