If you’re looking for an introductory guide to Twenties fashion, look no further. Fashion in the 1920s (Jayne Shrimpton, Shire Library, £6.67 on Amazon right now) gives an excellent overview of the decade’s styles.

The Twenties was a vibrant, energetic decade that bustled with jazz music, fast cars and glamorous movie stars. Fashion was at the forefront of this first true explosion of popular culture: bright young things donned short – although rarely above-knee length – skirts and cloche hats, gents dressed in sharp tweed suits and spats, and even children’s clothing was given a thorough overhaul.

Jayne Shrimpton here explains the various elements that shaped British fashion in the Twenties, including the strong influences of Paris and Hollywood and looking not only at the clothes worn by the rich and famous but also at those of the common people – and at those who chose to dress conservatively in this age of ‘anything goes’.

With its carefully selected fashion illustrations and photographs of ‘everyday people’ this book gives a fantastic overview of mens- and womenswear, children’s clothing and even bridal styles. Well written and always within a wider political and historical context, Fashion in the 1920s gives an interesting insight into an era’s fashion that’s all too often stereotyped into mini dresses and pearl necklaces.


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  1. Mat Keller

    Usual question here:
    How much Men’s wear is featured? I’m guessing, as always, the focus is on Women’s clothing but what’s ratio of women’s to men’s?

      • Mat Keller

        That’s quite a lot of menswear for this kind of thing! Might have a look (although I’m not sure I’ll learn anything! 🙂

        Thanks Lena!

    • Lena

      No problem! I think you’re right, you are far too knowledgable already!