Fashion in the ’70s promises to bring to life a decade of styles many would rather forget. Yet from hippie chic to punk, the decade’s fashion influence remains relevant even today.

Edited by fashion historian Emmannuelle Dirix, the author of the excellent Definitive Sourcebook seriesFashion in the ’70s brings together over 400 original images, covering everything from daywear to accessories, bridal gowns and lingerie.
The book’s introductory essay expertly outlines the different fashion trends of the era and contextualises them against the socio-political movements of the time, from radical feminism to eco-consciousness, giving an excellent overview of a decade that gave us punk, retro and designers like Zandra Rhodes or Vivienne Westwood.

If you can’t get past the idea of flares and garish colours, then this book will hopefully convince you that the Seventies were an extraordinarily rich decade of designs where bold prints, ethnic influences, luxurious fabrics and a love for the past designs of the Twenties to the Forties met to produce truly individual and often very feminine designs.

Sadly, this book however somewhat fails to match Dirix’ previous publications. Most of the images are in black and white and simply fail to truly bring to life a decade that was so rich in colour and prints.
Fashion in the ’70s is currently £23.66 on Amazon.