Nifty little guide A Century of Hairstyles (Pamela Church Gibson, Shire Publications, £7.20 on Amazon) is a lovely overview of 20th Century male and female hair styles from Edwardian Gibson girls to contemporary takes on retro.

This well written book succeeds in highlighting some of the most interesting hair styles of the last 100 years. Twenties bobs, Marcel waves, perms, Harlow’s platinum blonde, snoods, ducktails, beehives and the long manes of the Eighties New Romantics are just some of the styles detailed.

The book highlights both the female and the often neglected male side of hair grooming, and includes many interesting examples of afro hair.

Of course such a small volume can’t include all of the noteworthy hair styles but the beautiful Getty images illustrating each style make up for the lack of in-depth detail.