Born in 1909 in Connecticut, USA, the founder of the Polaroid Corporation, Dr. Edwin Land, became captivated by light at an early age.  A fascination with kaleidoscopes and a desire to play with and control light led him to invent the world’s first synthetic polarizer for commercial use, patented in 1929 at the age of 20.

Edwin established Polaroid Corporation in 1937, and the first pair of sunglasses went over the counter towards the end of that decade. Polaroid sunglasses became the biggest-selling sunglasses in history – here we take a look at some great vintage polaroid sunnies throughout the decades.



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We really love the current Polaroid Heritage collection, which features ten of the best ever models from their  archives. From Thirties swing and Fifties cat eye designs, through to Eighties  glamorous pop culture – we don’t know which one to pick!










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  1. Mama Hep

    Greetings dear Queen – I follow QoV on Google Reader and want to let you know that your settings needs tweaking so that we see pics as well as text of your new posts. I remember a friend who has a WordPress blog had a similar issue and she was able t work it out. Love the blog and so glad you are back. Best vintage wishes.

  2. Brigitte @ Cheap Vintage Clothing

    Those are so cool. I never new Polaroid made sunglasses until a friend of mine showed me a pair she wanted me to sell for her. The sunglasses holder has Polaroid stamped on it. They were really cool. Enjoyed your article.